• Vili S
  • Administrative Assistant, Retail Banker, Teacher
  • Last/current workplace: ASB Bank Employees
  • 44 years old from Weymouth, AKL


I hereby write to express an interest in the advertised you have display. My name is Mr Vili Vailea Saulala, I am 40 years old. I am a dual citizenship (Tongan & New Zealand). Business Administration, Marketing, and Management have been my strengths and I have experience this for the last 8 year. If you grant me any business job, I will count it as an opportunity for me and my humble family. I am a family man with my beautiful wife and 3 kids. My wife is a Medical Doctor and our daughter is 4 years old, 1st son is 2 years old, and our 2nd son was born on the 17th of March. My attached résumé details what I have achieved. But for emphasis, in my belief the three fundamental disciplinary values of the human capital are Experiences, Knowledge, and Skills. I believe, and I hope I can persuade you to do so as well, that I possess all three values and therefore I am confident that I am the right person for any business job. Firstly, Experience-wise: In 2000, I was recruited to start my teaching career at the secondary level as a Mathematics Teacher. In 2008, I was recruited and became a business and mathematic lecturer at the Lavengamalie Christian University (LCU). In 2009, I was vice-chairman of the Tonga Secondary School Rugby Board where much of my responsibilities were very similar to those of the previous year. In 2012, I was appointed as registrar for the (LCU). In 2013, I was the treasurer of the Lavengamalie Rugby CUP Board (Biggest local sports competition in the whole Kingdom of Tonga). In 2014, I was appointed as the DEAN of Administration for the (LCU) change to Christ’s University in Pacific (CUP). Academically my Business degree and background have granted me the appropriate knowledge and skills required for administer, preparing, analyzing, and managing the tasks involved in effecting the whole project success I have been accomplished. These experiences have no doubt strengthened my confidence in any business administration, business marketing, and business management. Secondly, Knowledge-wise: I earned a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management in 2008 from Patten University in California and I subsequently graduated with Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Analytical Skills and a Masters in Business Administration concentrate in Marketing and Management in 2011 from the University of the South Pacific (USP) in Fiji. These are degrees that have allowed me the appropriate knowledge to perform at various jobs in the past and looking forward to the future. Thirdly, Skills-wise: I was appointed as a Registrar in 2012 and Dean of Administration in 2014 to January 2016 of the Christ's University in Pacific (CUP), for the past four years. I did also teach Business and Mathematics courses at the undergraduate level at the university. In 2013, I was appointed Manager of the Hounga’ia Business Services Ltd. (a local business in Tonga that includes a retail store, car rental, and money transfer). These occupations have granted me special skills in various arears in term of business skills, computer skills, communication skills, problem-solving skills, and inter-personal relation skills that related to business principles and management of for-profit organization. With the experience, knowledge, and skills that I have, I believe that, with God’s help and with the support of my family, I can transform the theoretical into practical and progressively develop in any opportunity will open up to me. Lastly, my wife got a job here in NZ at the East Tamaki Health Center as a Medical Doctor and she started work in October last year. During that time, I was still work in Tonga to finish and complete our academic year. This year I have to migrate as well and we are residing and settling in the beautiful city of Manukau, Auckland. I started applying for a permanent job in any of the financial institution and ASB Bank offered me only a casual job. I was starting on the 27th of January and still a casual employee as a Global Payment Officer. The job is good and also it is a good organization. I heard ASB is one of the top in NZ in the banking industries. However, to further my experiences, knowledge, and skills, I have read One Shift NZ website and Facebook and it convinced me to apply! I am applying to your high office and wish and hope there will be an opportunity for me to implement what I can contribute and also learn as much as I can from your rapidly growth company. I hope you will find favor in my application. Please do not hesitate to contact me via email: or NZ mob: if you need further information. Thanks with Respect Mr Vili Vailea aulala

Employment History

  • ASB Bank Employees

    • Jan 2016 - Current
    Role: Global Payment Officer; Type or work: Casual work Address: 12th Street, North Wharf, Auckland city, NZ
  • Christ's University in Pacific (CUP)

    • Jan 2014 - Jan 2016
    DEAN of ADMINISTRATION: Oversee the organization. Co-Write the Policies, Co-Design the Curriculum, manage and control the Administration & assist in Academic program. Lecturer: Teach Mathematic courses (Calculus & Algebra) & Business courses (Management & Marketing)
  • Lavengamalie Rugby Cup Board

    • Feb 2013 - Jan 2014
    Role: TREASURER - Manage and monitor the financial support for the rugby competition. Help write the Lavengamalie cup tournament 2013 proposal.
  • Retail Store, Car Rentals, & Money Transfer

    • Jan 2013 - Mar 2014
    Role: MANAGER; Type of Business: Retail Store, Car Rentals, & Money Transfer.
  • Tonga National Research Association for Tertiary Education

    • Mar 2012 - Current
    Treasurer: Organize and manage the association's financial matters.
  • Lavengamalie Christian University

    • Jan 2012 - Jan 2014
    Role: REGISTRAR - Oversee the organization. Write the policies, design the curriculum, manage and control the program.
  • Tonga Mathematics Association

    • Nov 2002 - Jan 2003
    Marking Panel: Marking the Form 6 students' mathematics external examination paper (Pacific Senior School Certificate).
  • Lavengamalie Christian College

    • Feb 2000 - Nov 2007
    Taught Form 5 & 6 Mathematics, participated in staff meetings and involved in curriculum development.


  • Banking
  • General Office Duties
  • Microsoft Office
  • Teaching
  • Computer Literacy
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Communication Skills
  • Leadership Development
  • Time Management


  • Degree in Teaching

Education History

  • University of the South Pacific (USP)

    • Ended Apr 2012
    Graduate School of Business and Economics; Master in Business Administration, M.B.A. Concentration: Marketing & Management; Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Analytical Skills, 13th of April 2012
  • Pensacola Christian College (PCC)

    • Jan 2005 - May 2007
    2005 - May of 2007 Pensacola Christian College (PCC), Pensacola, Florida, USA Division of Mathematics Major in Mathematics, (Junior Level)
  • Lavengamalie Christian College (LCC)

    • Ended Jan 1992
    Lavengamalie Christian College, Tongatapu Form 1 – Form 7 (Secondary Education) Tonga School Certificate Examination (TSC) – Form 5 (1992); Pacific Senior School Certificate (P.S.S.C.) - Form 6 (1994) Bursary Level - University Entrance Level - Form 7 (1995)
  • Christ's University in Pacific (CUP) current

    (KNOWLEDGE) 2015 - future Christ's University in Pacific (CUP), Master of Philosophy candidate,
  • Patten University (PU) current

    Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management, July

Personality Type

The Guardians