• Diana E
  • Web Designer, Market Researcher and Analyst, Data Analyst, ... more
  • 26 years old from Auckland, AKL


I am a recent graduate of the University of Auckland majored in information systems and marketing. Who looking for marketing, particularly market research data analytics, programming, or IS design related positions. I enjoy working with people, and I have significant customer service experience, which might be considered as one of the functional skills for many positions. Through my past experiences, I learnt how to work with wide range of customers via face-to-face, phone or e-mail and colleagues of different nationalities and understand different accents. Cash-in job taught me to pay high attention to details and be responsible and reliable, and I also learnt how to manage my time. Lastly, my experience has helped me to deal with emergency situations and find solutions to various problems, often under significant pressure. My education has given me advanced knowledge of programming languages and different software as well as understanding of marketing and its main concepts and principles.


  • Online Advertising
  • HTML
  • User Experience Design
  • Data Entry
  • Advertising
  • Data Analysis
  • Web Design
  • Marketing
  • Communication Skills


  • Bachelor of Information Technology (IT)
  • Certificate in Marketing
  • Bachelor of Business

Education History

  • The University of Auckland current

    Majors: Information systems and marketing

Personality Type

The Guardians