• Denvir T
  • Logistics Manager, Warehouse Production Manager
  • Last/current workplace: Aburec
  • 49 years old from Hamilton East, WK


My willingness to LEARN and achieve the companies Vision and Mission, Over 15 years management ( Operation or Warehouse & Distribution), 5 years Buying and 5 years Exports skills will help by setting clear attainable goals/targets. I manage by values, commend on work well done and reprimand accordingly KPI's to measure and achieve Targets, aka Dashboard, Goals, Leadership and 5S, 4P’s, 3R’s Look at SWOT and PEST analysis to ID opportunities and adhere to SOP, BOQ, BOM, 4P’s and 3S’s 360º evaluation on Performances Management, Non Conforming Products Management, Letter of Variances Management, Recalls, COA Achievements: SAP since 1997, SHEQP, HIRA, HACCP Exports/Harmonized codes, Buying, CAPEX & OPEX, Logistics, Lean and MRO/MRP, IM/IR, CCMA, Planning, Kanban, Roadshow, Bargaining Council, MDT, Clean Stock Audit Reports, Employer of the Month x 4, On Call Duties

Employment History

  • Aburec

    • Feb 2011 - Current
    1. Ensure efficient contractual function within Aburec 1.1 Evaluate current contracts procedures on a regular basis, or initiate new procedures to improve systems and the work output in conjunction with other SHEQP 1.2 Plan production and procurement, ensure its affected and introduce changes where necessary 1.3Ensure high standard of customer service 1.4 Drawings for steel structures 2. Effectively manage factory expenses when buying 2.1 Quarterly compile and process suitable budget for expenses in conjunction with CEO effective operation within the factory 3.1 Plan according to demand, and ensure all deadline are met subordinates 4.1 Identify training and development plans HIRA
  • Distell

    • Feb 2007 - Feb 2011
    1.1 Ensure that distribution administration is accurately performed 1.1.1 Control financial losses through effective document control (P.O.D ‚s & Credits) 1.1.2 Regular performance of status checks for each function and regular follow up 1.1.3 Ensure correct procedure are followed at all times 1.2 Maintain high level of customer service and efficient handling of queries 1.2.1 Follow up of any customer complaint 1.2.2 Credit control queries to be followed up 1.2.3 Feedback to be given to relevant persons in order to highlight possible problems, SLA 1.3 Ensure accurate and timeous load compiling performed using SAP and Roadshow 1.3.1 Supervise load compiling function according delivery schedules, cut off times & add on. 1.3.2 Ensure correct use of daily control sheets for delivery processing and picking 1.3.3 Ensure that speedy distribution of picking lists to warehouse occurs 1.3.4 Ensure that invoices & COD acknowledgements are handed to customer’s delivery dep. On a timeously basis 1.4 Manage subordinates 1.4.1 Job descriptions and performance standards 1.4.2 Regular performance management 1.4.3 Regular review meeting with staff 1.4.4 Counseling/Disciplinary 1.4.5 Ensure high level of multi-skilling in 1.5 Liaise with warehouse and customer deliveries department 1.6 Fleet management stand in for CD dept. 1.6.1 Daily delivery schedule to be maintained and co-coordinated with warehouse 1.6.2 Immediate reporting of Customer Delivery variances on trip recon and follow up 1.6.3 Immediate feedback on incomplete and incorrect orders to Customer Sales Consultants 1.7 Ensure accurate and timeous execution of all Distell Excise documentation 1.7.1 Received order from CSC and Export department on a frequent basis 1.7.2 Send ZIB with invoice to bonded warehouse 1.7.3 Updated ZIB and ZRW and send copies to Greenpark for the equitals 1.8 Ensure Mini Business are operating effectively 1.8.1 Ensure Goal alignment targets are set and maintain 1.8.2 Action plans to implemented Leadership profiles to be revised and action plans implemented 1.8.3 5S and projects needs to be implemented 1.9 Update and Maintain ERP systems 1.9.1 Regularly peruse and update all Quality Measurements systems – Job Description and Work Instructions 1.9.2 Update changes on Live Link 1.10 Maintain Opex and Capex Budget expenses 1.10.1 Ensure budget provision are controlled and monitor


  • Warehouse Logistics
  • Freight Distribution
  • Staff Management and Supervising
  • Production
  • Fleet Management
  • Distribution
  • Logistics
  • Management Experience

Education History

  • Cape Peninsula University of Technology current

    Management I, II, III Production Management I, II, III Admin Management Marketing I and II Aocounting i Financial Management II and III Mercantile Law End use computers
  • University of Stellenbosch Business School current


Personality Type

The Caregivers